сряда, 4 май 2016 г.

Treasure Hunt Casino Slots

All over the world, there are millions of hidden treasures just waiting to be found.

Practice gambling BEFORE using real money.

Treasure Hunt Casino Slots has many vegas casino features you'll love.

– Predict Card Bonus Game

– Auto Spin

– Level Up

– Jackpot

– Mega Jackpot

– Mega Win

– Big Win

– Various Bets

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понеделник, 25 април 2016 г.

The Evil Conquest

The Evil Conquest

What if can conquer the world? What if you can do it under one condition - join the dark side? Will you do it?

Fight in the army of Ramo the devil and help him conquer the world.  Explore the world, destroy castles of your enemies and capture the loot of war.  Enter in different castles, so you can capture the crown and usurp the throne. Be the KING!! 

  • 45 different levels.
  • Unique gameplay.
  • Capture different worlds.
  • Have fun being bad!!


Coming soon!!

неделя, 24 януари 2016 г.

The Card Collector

The Card Collector

Be the cards collector and try to collect as much card colors, as you can. Train your concentration in this addictive game. where you have to spin the wheel to match the cards colors.

сряда, 20 януари 2016 г.



Hello its me, the World!!

This is not an endless runner, its a short dialogue between ME and the World!!



събота, 14 ноември 2015 г.

Beard Madness


Do you wanna grow a beard? Do you want to be the bearded man you always wanted to be?

Our latest game will help with that!!!!

You just have to collect the mustaches and the beards and watch it grow and grow and grow. But be careful not everything will be on your side with the quest for the longest beard. Once you have a long beard enough you will unlock more styles and beard accessories!!!

So wanna join the beard army?? Your chance will come soon, just follow us!!!

сряда, 21 октомври 2015 г.

Gravity Master

Gravity Master

What will be if you can control the gravity?

What will be if you can control the gravity ? What if controlling the gravity, you are not only affecting the player, but the obstacles as well ?

In this Halloween themed game you are not controlling the player, but the gravity direction. You have to solve the puzzle and get to the pumpkin using nothing but the gravity.

****50 different puzzle levels.****
****Unique Halloween themed art.****
****Levels with different size.****
****Obstacles affected by the decisions you make.****



сряда, 7 октомври 2015 г.

Flying Bird



What if you cant control the bird and you are controlling the obstacles? Would you be able to do it ? Flying bird is an endless game, where you are controlling the obstacles, helping the bird to survive by going through the empty gaps in order to gain the best score.