събота, 14 ноември 2015 г.

Beard Madness


Do you wanna grow a beard? Do you want to be the bearded man you always wanted to be?

Our latest game will help with that!!!!

You just have to collect the mustaches and the beards and watch it grow and grow and grow. But be careful not everything will be on your side with the quest for the longest beard. Once you have a long beard enough you will unlock more styles and beard accessories!!!

So wanna join the beard army?? Your chance will come soon, just follow us!!!

сряда, 21 октомври 2015 г.

Gravity Master

Gravity Master

What will be if you can control the gravity?

What will be if you can control the gravity ? What if controlling the gravity, you are not only affecting the player, but the obstacles as well ?

In this Halloween themed game you are not controlling the player, but the gravity direction. You have to solve the puzzle and get to the pumpkin using nothing but the gravity.

****50 different puzzle levels.****
****Unique Halloween themed art.****
****Levels with different size.****
****Obstacles affected by the decisions you make.****



сряда, 7 октомври 2015 г.

Flying Bird



What if you cant control the bird and you are controlling the obstacles? Would you be able to do it ? Flying bird is an endless game, where you are controlling the obstacles, helping the bird to survive by going through the empty gaps in order to gain the best score.

четвъртък, 17 септември 2015 г.

Park the Bus

Park the Bus

Its the champions league final and FC Bus is leading with three goals. But there is still time for the away team to score some goals. There is only one minute until the final blow, it"s time for FC BUS to defend the lead. It"s time to PARK THE BUS!!!

A funny arcade game, where you have to defend and stop the opponent from scoring more goals then your lead. The only option for doing that is to PARK THE BUS!!!

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вторник, 8 септември 2015 г.

Monster Blast


A funny game where you have to blast the monster to the end of the level. The game has 20 different puzzle levels and a star scoring system. You have to get to the end point with fewer touches, so you can get more stars.




IPHONE: Coming Soon

Sake Hockey


A funny version of the popular air hockey game. Play in the ancient Japan with a bottle of sake. You can choose your character to be either ninja or an ancient kabuki actor. Its up to you!


IPHONE: Coming Soon

Monster Bounce


Try to survive in this bouncing game as much as you can. The longer you survive the more points you will get passing through the green lines. You just cant beat the game or could you?


IPHONE - Coming Soon



 Try to survive in this hell dungeon, under the sound of a classical music instrumental. You will be attacked by dangerous blades and the limit of time. Your only chance of survival is the fast thinking and collecting star which would give you a little more time. You just cant beat this game or could you?


IPHONE - Coming Soon

Mr. Snowball


This is the first game we made. Its a funny endless arcade game about the falling Mr.Snowball through the slippery ice. The target is to survive as much time as possible, but it is not so easy since the ice at the mountain is slippery. 


IPHONE: Coming Soon


Coming Soon